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Sunshine Coast Info

Why here?
Where to stay
Class format
A gentle request to students

Why here?

The Sunshine Coast, with its proximity to small farms, forest, and quiet retreats, and its wonderful population who have spent years developing their country crafts and abilities, is an ideal location for city folk and newcomers alike to inherit those skills. The Edible Landscape property is an experiment in low-tech, low finance forest land that now carries examples of permaculture, winter gardening, Chinese and western medicine gardens, native plant stands and annual vegetable gardens.


Contact Robin Wheeler


Most classes will take place at Edible Landscapes at 1732 Pell Road (Google Map link). On specific Practical Permie Weekends, full day Sunday classes will take place at Peter Light’s place on highway 101. Some classes may move to various farms in the area. We encourage carpooling, and plan classes in an orderly physical progression, with time after the first venue to arrange carpooling to a second one. All venues will be near a bus line.

Edible Landscapes is only about a 20 minute drive from the Langdale ferry. If you get up early, it is possible to come for a day trip. Check out the ferry schedule from West Van to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast (40 minute crossing)
Bus: You can also take a bus from the ferry. The Flume Rd stop is closest (C on this map). Robin will give more detailed directions when you register.
Car-pooling: If you’d like to arrange car-pooling, chat with Robin.

Directions to Edible Landscapes on the Sunshine Coast
Get to Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver. Get in the lane for/buy ticket for the Langdale ferry.

When you get off the ferry, get into the middle lane that heads to Upper Gibsons (up the long hill ahead of you), and then follow the traffic around North Road, and turn right onto the highway at the first FULL set of lights in the town (not the little blinking yellow at the top of the first hill!).

Drive up that highway for about 15 – 17 minutes (I think it is an hour or so by bike). It will leave Gibsons and head through trees. After driving about 15 minutes, you will see the Golf Course on your right, and next the firehall on your left, and that is Roberts Creek Road intersecting the highway right there.

Staying on the highway, start counting the roads on your right. The next one after that intersection is Lockyer, and the one after that is Pell (they are far apart!). Drive up Pell about half a km, pass under the powerlines and then immediately look to your right. The next driveway (about 80 feet later) at the Edible Landscapes sign is mine and you are safe and sound! Park in the first lot and walk through the gardens, or curve around to your right and you will see my house behind the big deer fence. Call or whistle for attention!

WARNING – I encourage busing and cycling, but there are two dogs loose on Pell – a large orange thing named Pedro and his little pitbull friend. Pitbull is friendly. Pedro looks and acts very threatening. Throw rocks, scream etc – he is 100% cowed by this behaviour – multiple calls to bylaw officer totally ineffective – still working on owners. Record complaints with me.

Where to stay

If you’re coming for the whole weekend camping is available at Edible Landscapes ($5 per person per night up to $15 per tent) or connect with
The Back Packers B and B is quite close. For more luxurious (and expensive) options there are several cabins and vacation houses to rent in the area. A google search will uncover them.


At a nominal cost, a seasonal vegetarian lunch will be provided, or students may bring their own lunches. Lunch hour is an opportunity for students to share their learning and their own projects and ideas.
Drinking water is a valuable resource. Students are asked to bring a container of water for their daily use.

Class format

Most classes are one and a half hours long, with only short breaks to maximize learning time during the day. When venues switch between classes, 1/2 hour travel time is required.

Small class sizes of normally no more than 10 students guarantee maximum learning, access to Instructors, and enable the class to physically manage narrow paths and gather around small projects.


Most classes are $25 each (1.5 hours). Exceptions will be noted.
Registering for whole day? Take 10% off total!

A gentle request to students

  • Our wish is that the classes are as efficient and enjoyable as possible. We know that many students have come a long way, and some are using valuable funds to take these classes. Please be on time so you don’t interrupt a class! Arrange transportation early. We will help you wherever we can to do this.
  • Bring water thermos, snacks, notepad and pen, gloves and boots.
  • Please turn off your cell phone.
  • Instructors choose a minimum number of students that they can will work with, and then they work hard to put on a class. When students do not show up for a class (especially when they have not yet paid!) I still owe the instructor for their time. PLEASE respect these issues – if you must cancel, do it very early. And it is frequently difficult to refund payment if an instructor has come from afar or has prepared materials. Refunds will be made according to the situation, with as much kindness as I can manage for all concerned, including the longevity of this little school.

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