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Distillation and Winter Prep- Sept 20/21 on the Sunshine Coast

August 31, 2008

Register with Robin Wheeler 604-885-4505

Saturday, September 20 – 

9:30 until afternoon – Distillation workshop – “Make Your Own – from fuel to medicine” with Bernard Wera, David Scott and Kathleen Thacker (on site – 1732 Pell Road)

This is a full day workshop on the art of distillation. We will begin by looking at homemade stills and talk about safe use and potential problems. We will watch a still be put through its paces and will learn about essential oils, hydrosols, fuels and other byproducts of this process. The facilitators will talk about their experiences in home distillation. ($70)

12:30 – 2:00 – Garden Walk with Randie Ridgewell (off site – 1187 Crowe Road)

For those wanting to visit a proper, full cycle food garden, Randie’s ex-herb farm of fame is a great space for learning. She will describe her excellent fertilizing mixture and show her great techniques for good food production. Recommended by Edible Landscapes as a good beginner’s learning tool. ($25)

2:15 – 3:45 Basic Canning with Randie Ridgewell (off site – 1187 Crowe Road)

Just starting your learning curve and want an experienced mentor? Randie will take you into the kitchen to can up a batch of winter food. For those who learn best by seeing and doing, this will help push your confidence along so that you can do this at home. ($25)

Sunday, September 21 – 1732 Pell Road

9:30 – 11:00 Timely Actions in the Garden with Robin Wheeler

For new gardeners, fall brings new questions. Robin will show how to put gardens “to bed” for best spring results, what to do about late immature veggies, how to save the last of the seed and harvest the last of the herbs. We’ll discuss winter mulch and fall planting of garlic and potatoes. ($20)

11:15 – 12:30 Hand Treating Wool Fleece – with Debbie Osler

For those who already knit or weave and want to add a new skill level without buying equipment, Deb will show you how to wash a fleece and then how to hand spin it into a usable wool product. Feel different fleece and learn about quality and problems that can arise. Deb has many years of managing her own fleece and you will get hands-on experience. ($25)

1:30 – 3:00 – Using a Steamer/Juicer with Robin Wheeler

Toss in your apples unpeeled and full of seeds, and turn out wonderful juice and apple butter – just like on TV! We will run through a single 40 minute steaming, bottle the juice and further prepare the pulp into apple butter. Many other products can be made. Take some product home with you and feel more confident using this great piece of equipment on your own. ($25)

3:30 – 5:00 – Tool Maintenance and Repair with Cymba

Our hand tools are great assets and we should treat them right so they’ll last for years. Cymba will show some good tool care, and then will show how to put new handles into many types of tool, and lacking a store-bought handle, how to make a quick one from wood around you. ($25)

6 pm onwards – group dinner.

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